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Sargent County Museum

Forman, North Dakota


  8987 Hwy 32, Forman, ND 58032

Outside of MuseumOutside of Museum

End of season hours: August 29-Sept. 1 = 10-4, Sept. 3 &4 Labor Day weekend= 1-4 Sept. 5-8 =10-4, Sept. 11, 12 & 14= 10-4 

 or call for an appointment

Other times of the year call or email to make sure we are open.

 If the flags or open sign are out then someone is around.

We have phone numbers posted on the front door of people living in Forman that will come and open the doors.


FREE will offering

If not open call:

These people live in Forman and can come down & open up the Museum:

Fritzen's: (H)701-724-3720

(Cell) 701-680-1633

Allan Colemer:(H) 701-724-3306 (cell) 701-680-8166

Orville Nelson: 701-724-3676

      What You Can do for us

Many times during the year we can use supplies and volunteers. First we have a list of supplies and photos of the items we can use.  If you buy them and drop them off at the Museum then we do not have to find the money to buy them ourselves. This is a way of helping us out.  Items needed:

Copy Paper 20-28 weight white in color

Scotch Thermal Laminating Pouches ( 8.5 inch by 11 inch)

Strung marking tags ( 1 3/4 inch by 1 3/32 inch or larger)

Paper Towels

Toilet Paper

Swiffer Wet Jet original pad refills

Swiffer Wet Jet multi purpose solution


We also have a need for volunteers throughout the year for the following:


Weeding around the buildings and between the buildings in the front and in the back of them.

To help with moving displays when needed

Dusting and cleaning the vehicles in the Museum

Cleaning the windows off outside and the front door

Helping with looking up information on items we have for signage

Creating signs and laminating them

Sweeping floors and dusting off display cases

Someone good at Excel to help us with the cemetery project

Someone to paint the iron fence around the log cabin & school

Someone to clean and get the log cabin and school ready in the spring

Check back as we will add more jobs as they come up.  We will also mark them as taken when someone let's us know that they will help with that duty.


 We are looking for funds as of July 17, 2017 to help pay the $1500 needed to do the mudjacking of our sidewalk on the south entrance side. Please let us know if you would like to donate to this project.


We also have a fund started to get a video recorder that will record vets and other people in the area about what life was like years ago.