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Sargent County Museum

Forman, North Dakota


  8987 Hwy 32, Forman, ND 58032

Outside of MuseumOutside of Museum

End of season hours: August 29-Sept. 1 = 10-4, Sept. 3 &4 Labor Day weekend= 1-4 Sept. 5-8 =10-4, Sept. 11, 12 & 14= 10-4 

 or call for an appointment

Other times of the year call or email to make sure we are open.

 If the flags or open sign are out then someone is around.

We have phone numbers posted on the front door of people living in Forman that will come and open the doors.


FREE will offering

If not open call:

These people live in Forman and can come down & open up the Museum:

Fritzen's: (H)701-724-3720

(Cell) 701-680-1633

Allan Colemer:(H) 701-724-3306 (cell) 701-680-8166

Orville Nelson: 701-724-3676


         Books we have for purchase at the Museum


Early History of Sargent County, Vol. 1 By: Susan M. Kudelka-- $10

History of Sargent County,Vol 2( 1880-1920)

By:Susan  Mary Kudelka -$10

This vol. 2 has Forman, Gwinner, Milnor & Sargent County Veterans

History of Sargent County, Vol. 3 By: Susan Mary Kudelka  --$10

Vol. 3 has Brampton, Cayuga, Cogswell, Crete, Delamere, Geneseo, Harlem, Havana, Rutland, Stirum, & other history

History of Sargent County, Vol. 4 By: Susan Mary Kudelka  --$10

Vol. 4 has Brampton, Cayuga, Cogswell, Delamere, Forman, Geneseo, Gwinner, Havana, Milnor, Rutland, Stirum & other history

March on the Dakota's ( The Sibley Expedition of 1863) By: Kudelka -$10

As It Happened  By: Allen E. Saunders --- $10

Whispers of a Honeybee  By: Eleanor M. Benrud  --- $3.00

Moved By The Spirit(A history of the churches in Rutland) this was a ND State Centennial Project 1989 --- $2.00

The Quartzite Border ( surveying and marking the North Dakota-South Dakota Boundary  1891-1892)  By: Gordon L. Iseminger -- $12.95

Bobcat ( Fifty Years of Opportunity 1958-2008)  By: Marty Padgett

these books are signed by Cyril Keller -- $35 

A Century of Life on the Bagg Farm and Red River Valley

By: Virginia Vaplon Goerger -- $15

The Last Sibling; A North Dakota Memoir   By: Eleanor M. Benrud  $7