Open the door and come in!

Sargent County Museum Scrapbook.   If you see something you like, come visit the museum and see it in person.

How much was a hair cut then?


These are pictures of our displays in the front of the first building.

Glassware through the years


  Show the younger generation what you cooked off of.  Tell them the stories of making a meal and have the stove and kettles there for them to see.

Our military display

Do you remember adding machines that cranked or manual check machines?

Computers! Typewriters!
Can you name the machine and tell how it worked?

Did you catch the wall phone?   Do you remember ringing for the operator?  Do you remember how many rings on the phone were your home ring?

You may have never seen one of the above working--- unless you worked where?

Wash Day!------

A nice relaxing bath at the end of a long day----if it was your turn to take a bath and you were the first one to use the water in the tub.----- Ask someone who remembers what it was like.

Your living room--
cast iron furnace to keep you warm, radio to listen to

The store you may have gone to -----

Research books

Now for some of the photos of the school building we have and the log cabin.

Do you know how small a log cabin of those days was?   Do you know what they used for heat in the cabin?

How did they stay cool?

Do you know who any of these settlers are?

Did you go to school in a one room school house?

Now enter the world of Automobiles and Machinery

Building #4 below: Horse Drawn Equipment, R.R. Display, Tools,
 Geology Display

Stop by and check us out and get the answers to some of the above questions. Remember to allow a few hours to check out all that we have to offer you in our museum!   We are a museum that has something for the whole family to experience.

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